Stepanow Fishing

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Stepanow Fishing company was established officially in 2010 in Poland. But in reality, it was at the moment when Krzysztof's dad took him fishing for the very first time.

This is not just a regular company making a fishing tackle. Stepanow Fishing is a result of life passion for fishing.

Krzysztof uses limewood for wobblers production which is much harder than balsa. 

The most famous lure in his offer is topwater INSECT. One of the most popular surface lure in Europe for chub and trout fishing.

The Insect is available in many different models and patterns. We can find something for any water condition- clear or coloured, still or fast flowing.

We can recommend You great lure CEFAL which is absolutely number 1 for big perch fishing.

Talking about big fish its impossible to not mention special purpose jig BULLHEAD.

Is imitation of tiny fish made on the specially designed jig head. Bullhead caught for us lots of big pikes on the rivers and lakes.  

Every single lure is made and signed by K. Stepanow himself. Also, a very important fact is every lure is tested by Krzysztof. We can be sure they work as he wanted.