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  Microbait was created in 2010 as a fruit of life-time passion for lure building. Our mission is not only to produce the highest quality professional lures but also to share our findings and achievements with everybody who is as passionate about fishing as we are!


  It was our passion for fishing that became the driving force leading to the creation of our first lure models. We promote “Catch and Release” way of fishing to preserve our natural stocks and allow the future generations to enjoy the pleasures of this great sport as well.

  Our first lure models go back as far as ten years, today being priceless elements of the company history and tradition. We take great pride in the fact that most of our models are based on their natural equivalents in terms of their shape, size and colour. Please note that all our products are handmade. We also use only natural materials such as lime wood or other with similar floating characteristics. Our hooks come directly from well renowned VMC. Lure’s lip is made in a unique way too. Each lure is quality tested before it is released on the market. Our commitment to produce the highest quality products is well appreciated by our clients.