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Insects may be 2 cm or 2,5 cm long with 3 mm of tolerance on account of the manual production process.

Working depth - max. 50 cm under the surface, mostly 10-30 cm and so-called “micro topwater wobblers”. The work depth can be regulated by the rod being lifted correctly. The wobbler diving ca. 50cm into the water can surge the water surface.

Winglets and little legs made of special, durable, selected materials. They are permanently fixed into the wobbler and the correct way of handling of the wobbler and soft fish hooking can extend their vitality period.

Recommended rod - the most suitable would be the semi-parabolic action, the weight of the rod casting should not exceed 15g. I recommend the rod with the soft fishing top because it enables you to feel the wobbler’s work and each soft fish bite.

I usually prefer the line 0,16 mm. Properly wound, it enables the long distance casting with the light lures and trouble-free towing of the fish.

I suggest only tiny spinning interlocks (size 00) or small safety pin. The pins with the swivel should be used for the spinners.

Technique of fishing

It’s most efficient when under the overhang of grass, trees, shrubbery etc. In such places, just under the water surface, the fish lie in wait for the falling insects. Very often the wobbler will not manage to even get into the water, because the fish catches it. In most cases, the fish doesn’t realize that it caught something artificial. I made an experiment one day – the chub caught the INSECT just before it fell into the water and I immediately opened the bow fishing reel but the fish came back to its flock and behaved as usual. I repeated this test multiple times and the fish behaviour was similar. The conclusion is that the wobblers – the INSECT type – don’t arouse suspicion among the fish. You just need to test it yourself because it can’t be described with any words… Of course, the INSECTS are capable of “normal” fishing in rivers, streams, brooks, lakes or ponds. Each wobbler can be used to tempt the fish, surge the water surface and fish in the deeper parts of water. Where the wobbler cannot be thrown at, it will just float with the current.

!! Each wobbler is individually tested by me in the river !!






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