Taps Beetle

Category: Wobblers


 TAPS Beetle creates a smudge on a surface that is visible to the fish even in murky water, and for the angler in favourable conditions, even with tens of meters. Chubs respond well to the insect-like baits falling into the water. Often, the more rapidly they touch the surface, the better, as it provokes chubs or ides that wait for insects falling from the trees.  Beetle causing splattering can be very effective. The fishing line tension needs to be controlled as the chubs can be caught the moment Beetle falls into the water. You can fish with Beetle in a traditional way, that is, to cast it and lead it while evenly retrieving. They are lightweight lures, so they can be led with a current for tens of metres. The rod should be held in such a way so as not to "slash" the surface of the water near the bait. Strikes are very effective and when you feel the fish on the rod it's time to pull it out. 



WEIGHT:      1,8g

LENGTH:     30mm

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