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The wobbler is designed for chub, ide, perch, trout. It is a barrel-shaped bait with an aggressive action, shallowly descending to 50cm. The biggest advantage of this wobbler is its perfect balance and fly ability. With the small length of 3,5cm it weighs 4.5 grams, so quite a lot. In addition, it is a shallow running wobbler as it works only half a meter below the surface.

These advantages can be observed in extensive water areas where the casting distance is important and where waders are not sufficient, or the fish are very skittish.

The balance, so-called "lead tits" is in the lower area of the body. These "lead tits" maximally lower the centre of gravity of the wobbler, causing its incredible stability. In every difficult condition for the wobbler, such as rapid current, swirls of water, backwater, an area with stones - the wobbler is stable. These are the best places for catching fish.



WEIGHT: 4,5g

LENGTH: 3,5cm


Barrel-shaped wobblers are characterized by neutral displacement. They fall into the category of barely floating or slightly sinking wobblers. The advantage of such wobblers is that they can be placed under the bough, overhangs etc.


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