T-Flex Spinnerbait

Category: Spinnners and Spinnerbaits
Manufacturer: Savage Gear

Designed with a unique Flexible Titanium arm, combined with a Stainless steel wire main frame – giving superb erratic action and vibration on retrieve.

The Oval offset main blade creates great vortex and pulse – giving the Japanese Rolled Silicone skirt incredible life! The Flex arm allows superb hookup rate and pulsing action. The Ti-Flex Spinnerbait is made with inspiration from the Bleak, Alburnus Alburnus, one of the most important prey fish across Europe. Superb Spinnerbaits for most predator fish, Pike, Perch, Bass – you name it!


Titanium Blade Arm

Immediate rotation

Tournament 3X jig hook

Handmade Rolled skirts

3D details and finish