Spro Scent Series Insta Claw 80

Category: Soft Plastic Lures


The Scent Series Insta Claw is specially designed for European predator fish species. Most creature baits are specifically made for Black Bass and are oversized. The Scent Series Insta Claw comes in a compact 8cm snack size, which is perfect for Perch, Zander, Bass, and even Seabass. It has a wide and realistic crustacean body profile, which will be instantly associated with a real prey. The flat design allows the fisherman to use smaller hooks, which result in better hook-ups and more fish. The two claws already start to flutter at a very low speed, which makes this small soft bait perfect for a wide range of techniques all year round. Made from a soft, durable, and real floating material. The special I.T.F formula gives you extra seconds to set the hook, as fish will hold it in their mouth a little longer.


8cm  - 5pcs

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