Gunki Grubby Gun

Category: Soft Plastic Lures


The large stocky body helps the lure dart off in various directions as it swims through the water whilst the shape of the caudal section pulsates strong vibrations. The nutshell shape of its body is stable and allows a slow fall through the water giving the big fish plenty of time to snaffle the lure! Can be fished vertically, horizontally, on a Texan rig or even as a buzzing grub! These are versatile and provocative soft lures. The 13mm. size is particularly interesting for pike hunters. The attractor pocket extends right along the body which helps mask the hook when fishing through weedbeds. Add to this a little rolling action and you have a lure that is sure to provoke take after take!



3,9"/10cm - 5Pcs

2"/5cm - 10Pcs

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