Gunki Grubby Flash

Category: Soft Plastic Lures


There are certain days when you need plenty of visual attraction and vibrations to provoke bites. So we have created a special lipped shad version of our famous Grubby, taking the bent tail of the classic grubby- well known for giving off strong vibrations- and added a large lip that gives off even more energy. The bib digs into the water and slows the lure down considerably on the drop, giving you more variations in how you fish the lure. The 170 shallow is perfect for fishing over weedbeds or shallow margins. If you are looking for a lure that drops slowly and can be worked back with saw tooth type jerks this is the lure for you!


 9cm / 3,5" 17,2g
 13cm / 5,1" 38,5g
 17cm / 6,7" 57,2g
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