Gunki G'Bump Ready Rig


We have a range of colours selected either to work in clear or coloured waters. Our Gunki G’BUMP is available pre-rigged (G'BUMP 80/5g, G'BUMP 105/8g, G'BUMP 140/10g + treble hook) for anglers not wanting to waste time setting up a rig.
Clear water kit colours: Fera, U.V Perch, Brown Sugar, Red Ghost. Works best in clear water conditions and bright sunshine.
Dark water kit colours: White Flash, Brown Chart, Brown shiner, Orange Chart Belly. Works best in coloured water and overcast conditions.
 8cm  -  5g  -  4Pcs
10,5cm  -  8g  -  4Pcs
14cm  -  10g  -  3Pcs
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