Dragon Belly Fish Pro



BELLY FISH is a lure in the full sense of the word 'universal', it attracts fish in small and big rivers, in city canals, lakes and reservoirs.

We can recommend it for fishing from the drop, with different speeds, rapid jerks and slow-moving on the bottom.

It works perfectly with a small and large weight, on the jig head and offset hook.

Its tail always beautifully moves on the sides, the low part of the body snakes with smooth movements and the middle part shimmers with its sides.


Similar to other Dragon's V-Lures Pro, BELLY FISH is made from special composite, in this case very soft version. It has a natural smell of shrimps.


Thanks to the convex points on the back of the lure you can easily apply chosen jig head to the lure and remember the point the hook should go through.

 2"/5cm - 5Pcs per pack

3"/7,5cm - 4Pcs per pack

4"/10cm - 3Pcs per pack


Recommended Jig Heads:

Belly Fish Pro 2" - 1/0 - 2/0

Belly Fish Pro 3" - 2/0 - 3/0

Belly Fish Pro 4" - 4/0 - 6/0




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