Crazy Fish
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During the work on the creation on this rod, it has gained many admirers.

Stake is a striking example of rational approach to rod building.

And if one says you can't go and buy one spinning for every kind of fishing, do not believe it.

You can!

All the components implemented to create an excellent yet affordable rod in the form of ASPENT STAKE.

Available options will pleasantly surprise you.

This rod allows you to work with all types of baits from micro spinners to large twitching wobblers.

The unique geometry of blank combined with modern guides allows the angler to control the bait perfectly at any stage of retriving.

Aspen Stake is an ideal choice for any newcomer to the lure fishing.

The more time you spend with it, the more you learn about lure fishing.  

Agressive design fully corresponds with the spirit of CRAZY FISH.


 AS602ULT1-6g  183cm (6'0")
 AS692LT 3-15g 210cm (6'9")
 AS722MLT 5-21g 220CM (7'2")
 AS792MLT 5-21g 240cm (7'9")
 AS772MH 10-35g 235cm (7'7")
 AS812MHT 15-55g 240cm (8'1")
AS732HT20-80g220cm (7'3")
AS732EHT30-100g220cm (7'3")



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