Westin BullyBite Cranbait 6cm

Category: Lures


BullyBite will have more friends than any bully you ever knew at school thanks to his bullet-like casting ability, wide aggressive swimming action and low-frequency sound. All this combines to make a lure that perch, bass, zander, trout and just about any other carnivorous fish out there won't be able to resist. BullyBite is just at home with a simple cast and retrieve or with occasional spin stops, and even aggressive jerking. He's a bully, he can handle anything...

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Lead-free
  • Running depth: Floating 1-2m
  • Ultra-sharp and strong treble hooks
  • Low frequent sound
  • Wide aggressive swimming action
  • Widebody profile
  • Hand-painted detailed colours
  • Weight: 6 cm 9g , 7 cm 15g
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