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  • IMPULSE wobbler is characterised by a natural, flashing and very dense action
  • Clear vibrations enhance the contact between the angler and the lure
  • Strong light reflexes draw the attention of predators from greater distances
  • High effectiveness and versatility of fishing in rivers, as well as in still waters, also in places with changing depth and diversified shape of the bottom 
  • Effective during a steady reeling or keeping it in the stream 
  • Perfect for jigging near the bottom or in the depths
  • The construction enables vertical fishing
  • Designed to fish for pike, zander, asp, perch and catfish 
  • Lipless vibrant wobbler, handmade in Poland
  • High durability body giving great stability in water
  • Elongated shape, perfectly imitating minnow-type fish
  • Three mounting holes, allowing for regulate the action, level of vibration and depth
  • A precise distribution of weight enhances the perfect balance of the wobbler, its inimitable action and possibility to fish in a wide range of depths
  • A metal front improves the acoustics upon contact with the bottom
  • A subtle rattle enhances the action of the wobbler strong, forged treble hooks from the legendary VMC were used 
  • It is a multitask tool for spinning anglers, fishing from the shore and from a boat


10cm -20g

7cm - 10g








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