S1 Single Hook Kits

Savage Gear
Category: Hooks


The perfect single hooks for our Line thru Sandeel and Line thru Seeker Lures. Prerigged with our easy change Oval split ring and selections of beads in a mixture of colours, in UV, Glow and neutral colours. The combination of UV coloured beads will make a great strike point and can drive the trout crazy! Slide a soft bead on the line, to protect the knot, followed by a hard clear bead, and you have the perfect presentation for your line thru lure.



Each kit contains:
10 ultra-sharp singles,
Pre-rigged with Oval split rings.
5 Blood Red Hooks
5 DG (Dark Grey) hooks
30 beads 25pcs soft style, 5 of each colour in UV, Glow and neutral colours, 5 glass clear hard beads.

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