Rivers2Sea Clackin Crayfish

Category: Crayfish & Creatures
Manufacturer: River2Sea

There are lots of lures that look like crayfish when they’re sitting still, but they don’t “do crayfish” when you move them. Until now, that is! In addition to looking exactly like a real crayfish in every detail, the Dahlberg Clackin’ Crayfish’s amazing hinged lip appears to actually grab water and pull the critter forward, exactly like a real crayfish! On free fall it even sinks like a real crayfish!

You have to see it to believe it!
And believe me, when a bass sees this, whether on the fall, the swim, crawl or just sitting still, THEY BELIEVE IT!
You can fish it like a jig, or swim it along the bottom. Fish it on drops, flats, or weedlines. I suggest you fish it like it was a real crayfish and make it seem during the retrieve that it’s alternately scurrying to escape and stopping to hide on the bottom. You know just what it’s doing ’cause you can feel the tail kick with your rod tip when you accelerate the lure.
Crawl it, stroke it, swim it, rip it, let it fall, hang on.
Created by the legendary angler, TV host, and lure designer, Larry Dahlberg.
 Each lure is now weedless and features the River2Sea 2X Strong Big Bite hook, as well as, an additional soft head trailer.
 Dahlberg Clackin’Crayfish 9021g  - 3/4oz River2sea (BN) 2X Strong #3 ⁄ 0 SINKING
 Dahlberg Clackin’Crayfish 130 37g - 1 5/16oz River2sea (BN) 2X Strong #5 ⁄ 0 SINKING