Herakles Metal Fire

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The lure comes from the cooperation between Marco Riello and Franco Mancini. Thanks to their experience they have designed and developed a one of a kind lure. The Metal Fire is a high-performance metal vib 12grams lure. It works on an up and down retrieve, it vibrates like a metal vib and it performs extremely well in vertical fishing techniques. All these features were not easy to obtain from a metal bait, but the results are a mix of them because the Metal Fire swims like a lipless crankbait during straight retrieving, but there’s more because it also becomes a “Metal Vib Spin”, in a matter of fact, a willow leaf blade (specifically developed for it) is included in each lire pack, it will produce flashes of light during the retrieving. Using this blade and only changing the snap positioning (see instructions) we can choose between a linear retrieve (classic Metal Vib Spin), or we can fish with the winning combination obtained by a mix between the vibrations of a lipless crankbait and the flashes of light Metal VIB Spin !!!!!!! The lure colours were selected to be the most capturing in both salt and freshwater and the lures are equipped with black nickel double hooks, featuring an appropriate thin diameter black nickel colour hooks shank. Metal Fire is a “total” lure suitable for capturing many different predators species in various conditions: from the cold waters of Northern Europe to the warm waters of Mediterranean sea passing across the lake and the rivers of Middle and Southern Europe.


Weight: 12g

2" Blade Bait

4" Blade with Spinning Tail

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